Jeff’s Lessons and Journal

Click here to download and view Jeff’s lessons for classroom use.  (PDF Document) Many of these lessons are applicable to any race and can be used in elementary and secondary classrooms.

Jeff’s Lessons and Activities

Inupiaq Character Education Lesson and Responsibility Chart  This is a good lesson to use in the beginning of the school year. Most classrooms are talking about responsibilities, expectations, and establishing classroom rules.

Dare to Compare Lesson  This lesson involves a comparison in trails for the 2003 and 2004 Iditarods.  This lesson could be adapted to compare any two Iditarod races.

Hopes and Dreams Lesson, Husky Graphic:  Students will demonstrate their ability to reflect on their academic and social strengths & weaknesses.  Students will begin goal setting project.

Iditarod Latitude – Longitude Lesson and Worksheets: Students will identify the latitude and longitude of various cities and landmarks.

Idita-Read Project and Letter to Parents

Flat Zuma Project, Flat Zuma Graphic, Project Samples

Alaskan Animal Research Project

Constructing the Tail Lessons and Sample Trail Segments/Descriptions

Thank You Wells Fargo (to be added at a later date)

Bingo – Note to Teacher and Bingo Cards. (Questions to be added at a later date)

Iditarod Fitness Challenge Project

Wilshire Park Iditarod Song

Jeff’s Patch  View the Patch that Jeff created to represent his Teacher on the Trail™ experience.

School is the Iditarod Trail! Take a look at what happened to Jeff’s school when he left for the 2005 Iditarod!  Gain ideas on how you can transform your school, too!

Know Your Family History Lesson   While learning about the family history of mushers, students will learn about their own family history.

Mystery Checkpoint:    What checkpoint is it?  Use the clues.  Figure it out!

Millennium Trail

Symbols of Alaska

Weather or Not Lesson:    In this lesson, students will use a line graph to show the maximum and minimum temperatures (in Fahrenheit) in eight Iditarod checkpoints over a time of nine years. Students will then look at the data and identify the landmarks (maximum, minimum, range, mode, median and mean.)

Website Hunt – Scavenger Hunt

Environmental Education:   Understanding relationships among organisms and their physical environment (Science National Standard).  Understanding how human actions modify the physical environment (Geography National Standard).

How Close Can You Get?:  Math lesson to reinforce basic computation and number sense.

Iditarod Jeopardy How much do you know?  Find out!

Fractions and Decimals


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Jeff’s Journal from the Iditarod Trail was called:  Peterson Daily Post.

  Click here to view the Peterson Daily Post  as a PDF Document.  This document share’s Jeff’s journey along the Iditaord Trail from Anchorage to Nome!

To view Jeff’s journey, The Peterson Daily Post as it appeared on line, follow this link!

During the race, Jeff kept a trail journal called the Peterson Daily Post, which serves as a recording of his experiences as he traveled by bush plane from checkpoint to checkpoint along the Iditarod Trail during the 2004 race.  Jeff’s entire race time journal, Peterson Daily Post, can be read by clicking the above link  Much of the information and the lesson ideas can be used during any race season.  The following is the content from his final post from the trail.

Peterson’s Post  Monday, March 22, 2004
Musher Banquet in Nome (Final edition of the Peterson Post)

Inside this Edition
Character Education on the Trail
Businessmen’s Race
Musher Banquet
Did you Know?
That’s all folks!
Awards Section
Daily Math
Daily Trivia
Mystery Musher
Weather Update

Character Education on the Trail
The mushers all showed good sportsmanship and respect when they spoke at the Mushers Banquet on Sunday evening.

Businessmen’s Race
I had the opportunity to participate in the Businessman’s Race on Saturday. The race is put on by the Nome Kennel Club and is a fundraiser. Each musher is provided with a sled and 3 dogs. The race takes place on the outside of town and follows a 3-mile course. There were 30 participants in the race this year. The participants leave every 2 minutes as they do in the Iditarod. I completed the race in 19 minutes and finished in 18th place. I was a little disappointed with my time, but I had a great time nonetheless.

Musher Banquet
The mushers banquet in Nome was held Sunday in Nome at the Recreation Center. The banquet is put on by Wells Fargo and is a great way to recognize the accomplishment of mushers and their teams. Many volunteers worked tirelessly to setup and cleanup for this banquet. Festivities got underway at 4:30 on Sunday afternoon and concluded around 11:00. The sponsors of the race talked a little about the race and why they believe in the Iditarod. Next, mushers were presented awards (see awards section of the Peterson Post), and each musher spoke about his or her experiences on the Iditarod Trail. Finally, a summary of the race and a thanking of the many race volunteers brought the banquet to a close. Many stories were shared, jokes were told, and good times were had as Iditarod XXXII came to the finish line.

There were a lot of people enjoying a great dinner at the Musher Banquet

Strawberries served in a dogsled

Did you Know?
The Alaska coastline is about 33,904 miles long, which is longer than the combined coastline of the lower 48 states.

(Note: All mushers will be identified as “winners”) Today’s winners,42. Randy Chappel 43. Cim Smyth 44. Ryan Redington 45. Ellie Claus 46. Rick Mackey 47. Rick Larson 48. Scott Smith 49. Peryll Kyzer 50. Bernhard Schuchert 51. Dexter Kancer 52. Noah Burmeister 53. Doug Grlliot 54. Peter Bartlett 55. Kelly Williams 56. Karen Land 57. Rick Castillo 58. Karen Ramstead 59. Al Hardman 60. Ed stielstra 61. Mark Moderow 62. Tollef Monson 63. Wayne Curtis 64. Russell Bybee 65. Devan Currier 66. Todd Capistrant 67. Jim Conner 68. Harmony Barron 69. Cliff Wang 70. Jacob Lysyshyn 71. Matt Weik 72. Sue Allen 73. James Warren 74. Bennie Stamm 75. Steve Madsen 76. G.B. Jones (not in at time of print) 77. Perry Solmonson (not in at time of print)

That’s all folks!
I would like to thank Wells Fargo, all of Wilshire Park Elementary, and all our readers for supporting the Peterson Post. The Iditarod Educational program has been great to work with, and I’m excited to watch the program continue to grow in the future. It was an honor to cover and write about Iditarod XXXII. The Peterson Post is out of print, but be sure to catch all of next year’s Iditarod action on

Awards Section
Humanitarian Award- Rick Swenson
Halfway Award- Martin Buser
Gold Coast Award- Kjetil Backen
Red Lantern-?
Spirit of Alaska Award- Jeff King
Most Inspirational Musher Award- Cim Smyth
First to the Yukon Award- Jeff King
Sportsmanship Award- Cim Smyth
Most Improved Musher Award- Jason Barron
Rookie of the Year Award- Hugh Neff
Fastest from Safety to Nome Award- Ramey Smyth
Golden Harness Award (given to a lead dog) – Tread from Mitch Seavey’s Team
Golden Stethoscope (given to a vet.)- Kirsten Roberts
Golden Clipboard Award (given to a checkpoint)- Shaktoolik

There were a lot of awards to be presented

The Golden Harness Award

Daily Math
Thanks for participating! Answer to Nome #3 Daily Math= 1:22 am Central Standard Time

Daily Trivia
Thanks for participating! Answer Nome #3 Edition of AK Trivia= Prudhoe Bay on Alaska’s North Slope

Mystery Musher
Thanks for participating Answer to Nome #3 Edition Mystery Musher= Kjetil Backen

Weather Update
Saturday was a cold day (10 degrees) in Nome as the wind (15-25 mph) made air temperatures very frigid, however, Sunday temperatures recovered nicely. The winds (5-10 mph) went down on Sunday and made for a “warm” day (30 degrees) in Nome for this time of year.