Jane’s Lessons and Messages

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Jane’s Lessons (to be added soon)

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2/06/2008 6 Traits Writing – menu

2/05/2008 2008 Iditarod Math Problem of the Day 21-25

1/29/2008 2008 Iditarod Math Problem of the Day 16-20

1/22/2008 Iditarod and the Science of Force

1/21/2008 2008 Iditarod Math Problem of the Day 11 – 15

1/13/2008 Barking Up the Right Tree (6 traits writing)

Worksheet: voice rubric

1/13/2008 Leaping to a Healthy Heart

Worksheet: Leap Olympics Checklist

Worksheet: Leap Olympics Events

1/12/2008 Mapping the Common Thread Quilt Project

1/10/2008 2008 Iditarod Math Problem of the Day 6-10

1/06/2008 Iditarod 2008 Math Problem of the Day 1-5

1/06/2008 Junior Iditarod Venn Diagram

1/05/2008 The Teacher Times January Edition

1/05/2008 What it Takes – citizenship (character ed)

1/03/2008 That’s the Name of the Game (culture)

12/29/2007 The Teacher Times December Edition

12/27/2007 New Year – a sled dog pup’s first year (science)

Worksheet: sled dog pup first year synopsis

Worksheet: sled dog pup math problems

12/27/2007 Order! Order! (6 Traits writing)

Worksheet: organization rubric

12/23/2007 What it Takes – stewardship (character ed)

11/28/2007 Choose Your Words Wisely (6 Traits writing)

Worksheet: sentences to revise for word choice

Worksheet: word choice rubric

11/25/2007 What it Takes – respect (character education)

11/25/2007 Christmas – the season of giving-service learning

Worksheet: Mushers Charitable Organizations/Causes

11/25/2007 Call for Quilts

11/18/2007 Your Personal Slogan

11/03/2007 What it Takes – positive attitude (character ed)

11/03/2007 Who Has – money management terms (economics)

Worksheet: game cards

11/03/2007 World Wide Pie (geography)

Worksheet: introduction

Worksheet: rubric

11/03/2007 Thanksgiving – game birds on Iditarod (science)

11/03/2007 The Teacher Times November Edition

10/22/2007 Woodsong Journal Ideas

10/14/2007 The Teacher Times October Edition

9/23/2007 Money Then and Now (soc. st./economics)

Worksheet: Fact Finding Worksheet

9/23/2007 He Says, She Says (soc. st./culture/foreign lang.)

9/22/2007 Halloween – Musher Costume (science)

Worksheet: Musher Costume Investigation Lab Sheet

9/06/2007 The Teacher Times September Edition

9/03/2007 What it Takes – self-control, self-respect

8/29/2007 Labor Day- Iditarod Workers (soc. st./economics)

8/18/2007 Classroom Checker’s Reports (classroom management)

8/13/2007 Happy Trails (geography/history/social studies)

8/06/2007 SOS! (economics)

Worksheet: Budget Sheet

Worksheet: Musher Expense Information

8/06/2007 What it Takes – goal setting (character education)

8/02/2007 The Teacher Times August Edition

7/06/2007 What it Takes – responsibility

7/06/2007 The Teacher Times July Edition

7/06/2007 And The Nominees Are (character education)

Worksheet: scoring rubric

7/06/2007 Take a Left on Cactus Road (cultural influence)

Worksheet: scavenger hunt checklist

7/06/2007 Let’s Go! Hike! (economics)

Worksheet: fundraising worksheet

7/06/2007 Alaskan Cinderella Stories (literature)

7/06/2007 Iceberg to Iceberg (P.E.)

7/06/2007 Is It Still Summer? (seasons)

Worksheet: seasons activity

7/06/2007 Arctic Animal Trading Cards (science)

Worksheet: trading card pattern

Worksheet: trading card rubric

7/06/2007 And in Corner #49 – Alaska! (map skills)

7/06/2007 There’s More Than One Way! (creative thinking)

Worksheet: SCAMPER activity guidelines

7/06/2007 There’s a Moose on the Loose! (models)

7/06/2007 Northern Lights (art)

7/06/2007 Investigative Reporters (science)

Worksheet: example guidelines

Worksheet: investigative reporters rubric

7/06/2007 In Other Words (vocab)

Worksheet: vocabulary map

7/06/2007 Alaskan Living Wax (cross-curricular)

Worksheet: wax museum abstract rubric

Worksheet: wax museum display rubric

6/30/2007 The Common Thread Quilt