Herb Brambley, 2010 Teacher on the Trail™

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Herb Brambley, Target® 2010 Iditarod Teacher on the TrailTM

Herb, along with his wife Jamie, who is a librarian, live in a log home they built and now share with 3 huskies, 5 cats, and a mule.

Herb is a K-6 environmental education and technology teacher at Southern Fulton Elementary School in Warfordsburg, Pennsylvania.  He is also a part time grant writer for the district and has been instrumental in helping the school secure more than $115,000 for the environmental program and the nature trail.  Herb says he has the best teaching job anywhere and also the biggest classroom, since his classroom is the 140 acre school property of woods and fields, which also includes a pond, wetlands, and several streams.

Before becoming a teacher, Herb had a variety of occupations.  He was a farmer, blacksmith, farrier, sawyer, machinist and tool and die maker.  Having these experiences has enriched Herb’s classroom by giving him the necessary background from which to draw upon in order to make real life situations a part of the curriculum in his classroom.  What better way is there to give meaning to learning other than to use the lessons to solve problems students may face once they are in the real world?  Herb was also a Youth Conservation Corp Crew Leader for the United States Forest Service at the Teton Basin Ranger District in Driggs, Idaho.  That was one of the most rewarding and fun jobs he says he ever had.  Imagine getting paid to experience the Tetons and all the adventures they provide and, at the same time, teach students how to care for a fantastic resource so that it is there for future generations.  Speaking of future generations, the next generation has recently been added to Herb’s family by way of a grandson Zeke, and a granddaughter Ella.

Herb also volunteers his time to several community organizations.   He has been treasurer for the local soccer club for 20 years, and because of his extensive experience playing and coaching soccer, he also is a clinician at soccer clinics for coaches.  After receiving the necessary training, Herb became a Trail Stewardship Coordinator for the Pennsylvania Equine Council.    His skill and experience in building and maintaining trail has also led to a volunteer position with the Mid State Trail Association as a trail maintainer.

When Herb isn’t coaching soccer you can find him working with his Huskies.  He recently acquired a dog sled and spent a major portion of his spare time last winter viewing the blue ridge mountains of Central Pennsylvania from the back of a dog sled.

If you ask him, there’s no better way to travel than dog sled and it sure beats the noise and toxic exhaust of a four-wheeler or snowmobile.

If you ask us, there will be no better way to spend the 2009 – 2010 school year than being on the Iditarod Trail with the Target® Iditarod 2010 Teacher on the TrailTM Herb Brambley.

Original Congratulations Message at the For Teachers section of the website:

Congratulations Herb Brambley! Target® 2010 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™

Herb Brambley has been selected as the Target® 2010 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™.

Herb teaches Technology and Environmental Education K-6 at Southern Fulton Elementary School in Warfordsburg, PA.

Prior to teaching, Herb has been a machinist, tool and die maker, welder, farrier, blacksmith, and sawyer.  Herb recognizes that real life experiences such as his past occupations, his hobbies, and Iditarod can be incorporated into real life lessons for students.

Starting in July, Herb will maintain the Target® Teacher on the Trail section of the Iditarod’s website.  Herb will be placing his lessons, activities, and journal on line to empower students around the globe to follow the race in a year-long teaching adventure.  During the 2010 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, Herb will be flying the trail with the Iditarod Air Force and sharing her observations and lesson ideas via the Internet on the website.  Herb knows that his enthusiasm for learning and adventure using the Iditarod as a tool for learning will be motivational for students seeking their own educational and adventurous experiences.

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After the Trail

Herb Brambley, Target® 2010 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™Races in PA

For Herb Brambley, last  year’s  Target®  Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™ – life is still about the dogs.  Enjoy this article that he recently sent to us.  Catch up with Herb, if you can!  He’s on the trail in Pennsylvania, with dogs!

Touching the Future

By Herb Brambley, Target® 2010 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™

Taylor and DanAs the 2011 Iditarod is  under way, the racing and training season in Pennsylvania is winding down. As a matter of fact, I most likely did my last run on snow for the year on Saturday, February 27.

It’s been a while since I’ve written an article, but as this magical time of the year approaches, (Iditarod) I felt compelled to touch base with everyone once again. My life since being Target® Teacher on the Trail™  hasn’t slowed down, although, my focus has changed slightly.  My dog family has grown from 5 dogs to 8, and rather than watching someone else riding on the runners, I’m riding on the runners myself. I competed in my first race back in January of this year. It was the Jim Lobdell Memorial sled dog race which is held at the Warren Winterfest. (http://www.warrencountywinterfest.com/Home.html)   Along with myself, two junior high students who became interested in sled dogs partly through my experience as Teacher on the Trail™ were competing also; Taylor, a girl from a neighboring school district in 8th grade, and my second cousin’s son, Waylon, who raced my dogs in the 2 dog junior and 4 dog pro class. It was a heart warming site to see these young people on the back of a sled. In addition, Taylor is planning on competing in the Jr. Iditarod next year, and she is in Alaska watching the start of the race as I write!

Taylor and LibbyAnd how did we do in the PA sled dog race? Considering it was the first race for all three of us, I think we did great! Our dogs finished happy and healthy and we had a fun time. I was very pleased with the performance of my dogs. Willow, my main lead dog that I got from Rayme Redington as a pup, did a great job. I didn’t come in first, but I didn’t come in last either. The important thing is that we learned a lot. Waylon did great using Willow and my other lead dog, Bo, in the 2 dog junior race. Unfortunately, we had to leave Saturday night and we weren’t able to stay and finish our runs on Sunday. Taylor made a fine debut also. She came in 3rd in the 2 dog junior.

All in all, it was a weekend well spent. It was much better to be outside doing something healthy for ourselves and the dogs then to be inside watching TV listening to a weatherman telling us how sad we should be about the snow and cold weather. I am already looking forward to fall training and that first big snow. And, I can’t wait to see the new friends that I made at the race. You know, this dog thing is contagious. Just ask Taylor and Waylon.

Photos of Herb

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