Past Teachers

The Teacher on the Trail™ program began in 1999, with the creation of the program in 1998 by Andrea Aufder Heyde, (Finney) who then implemented the program as the 1st Teacher on the Trail™.  Finney went to Iditarod with HER CONCEPT for the program and negotiated the start of the program with the executive director of the race. Finney raised funds  for her journey along the trail and for equipment she needed, with sponsors mostly in her home state of Indiana.

Finney’s insight in the importance of this program has led to a nationally acclaimed program that reaches around the globe because students on all continents follow the race with teachers using Iditarod’s programs and content driven lessons integrated into their curriculum.  Read more about the history of the program at this link.

Meet the Teacher on the Trail™ Alumni

2012          Blynne Froke
Martha Dobson
Mount Pleasant, NC
Middle School, (6th) Language Arts
2010 Herb Brambley Breezewood, PA EnvironmentalEd/Technology
2009 Cathy Walters Ashville, NC Pre-K
2008 Jane Blaile Phoenix, AZ 5th
2007 Kim Slade Vero Beach, FL Elem.Math Coach
2006 Terrie Hanke Eau Claire, WI HS PE
2005 Lynne Gordon Wilmington, MA 2nd
2004 Jeff Peterson Golden Valley, MN 4th
2003 Cassandra Wilson Portland, OR 4th
2002 Kim Harrick Eureka, MO 2nd
2001 Diane Nye Elizabeth, CO 3rd
2000 Diane Johnson Aberdeen, SD 5th
1999 Andrea Auf der Heyde“Finney”Creator of the Program Bloomington, IN 2nd

The Teacher on the Trail program is a unique opportunity for one selected educator each year, to teach beyond the traditional classroom walls via Internet and to be involved in a project that reaches students around the world. Creating standards driven lessons, using research based techniques, and integrating technology as a tool for the teaching and learning are 21st Century components leading to academic success for students of all ages.