The Program

The Teacher on the Trail™ program was created in 1998 by ‘Finney’ who became the first Teacher on the Trail™ during the 1999 Iditarod.  Read about the history of the program at this link.

Mission Statement: Teacher on the Trail™  is an ‘Adventure Learning’ project that provides incredible opportunities for educators to focus on literacy, math, science, technology, and other content and bring researched based teaching and learning opportunities to classrooms in the United States and around the world.

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Literacy is a core element of our mission statement and goals.

Academic Purpose of our program is documented through professional articles submitted by our Teacher on the Trail staff and teachers who work with us through out the year.


Iditarod Insider Subscription Status:

  • Subscription Status: total: (classroom and school wide subscriptions) about 2, 175 (7/23/09)
  • Subscription Status:  total: (classroom and school wide subscriptions) about 2, 511  (4/30/2010

Newsletter subscribers:   Educator Insight

  • 2008: 3,128
  • 2009:  3, 200
  • 2010:  4, 100

Iditarod’s Newsletters reach an audience of more than 100,000 subscribers.

Website Analytics:

Page hits: For Teachers (July 1 – June 30)

2009: 471, 562

2010:  567,535 (excludes April- June 30, 2010 due to technical difficulties)

Iditarod News: 1,153,124 (July 1 2009 – June 30, 2010)

Teacher on the Trail Applications:

2008:  7 (15 teachers contacted department for specific information.)

1009:  12 (20 teachers contacted department for specific information.)

1010:  6 (25 teachers contacted department for specific information.)

* The application process is a 2 – 3 year process, with selection of the ‘next’ teacher finalized in April of each year.

Teacher Conferences in Alaska

Summer Camp Teacher’s Event: (Held June each year.  50% of participants eventually apply for Teacher on the Trail™ within a 3 year period)

  • 2008: 13
  • 2009:  6
  • 2010:  12
  • 2011:   8

Winter Workshop (Feb/March prior to the start of the race)

* 20 – 30 teachers attend this event each year.  The ‘Finalists’ for the ‘next’ Teacher on the Trail™ and the current Target® Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™ are speakers at the event and the Teacher on the Trail program is a focus.

Teacher on the Trail School Visits and Presentations:

2008: Jane Blaile

In Alaska:

  • 12 schools in the MatSu and Anchorage School District, Nome school presentation,home school presentation in Anchorage

In Arizona and other locations: (2008, 2009, 2010)

  • Elementary and secondary schools, community church groups, teacher’s workshops in AZ, CA, Community organizations/clubs
  • 2010 (Oct) We will be hosting Target® Teacher on the Trail workshop in Phoenix

2009:  Cathy Walters

In Alaska:

  • February/March 2009, 12 Schools in the MatSu and Anchorage School district, about 3000 students/faculty/homeschool family members
  • June 2009:  Presentation with Herb Brambley at Anchorage Summer School Program

North Carolina:

  • Elementary and Secondary schools, retirement communities, nursing home, local community organizations

2010:  Herb Brambley

In Alaska

  • June 2009:  Herb and Cathy Walters, Summer School Program
  • February/March 2010: 11 School visits:  Wasilla, Palmer, Big Lake= 5 Schools, Anchorage 6 schools,  and students along the Iditarod Trail and in Nome,  about 3000 total students

Pennsylvania and elsewhere, Fall 2009, Winter/Spring/Summer 2010, school and community visits included:

  • Summer 2009, Trail to Every Classroom representing Iditarod and worked with teachers from Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, and North Carolina on the project (80 people)
  • (75 people) Fulton County, Pennsylvania Chapters of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority
  • (25 people)  Breezewood Elementary
  • (60 individuals) Daughters of the American Revolution
  • 475 Students, Southern Fulton Elementary School (35 Teachers)
  • 40 at Summer Reading Program, Fulton County Library
  • 50  at Boy Scouts, Bedford County
  • 70 at Mid State Trail Association Fund Raiser
  • 80 at National Parks Trail to Every Classroom Summer Teachers Program 2010
  • Still to Come – Gettysburg Summer School, PA Sled Dog Club, Bedford Rotary Club, Everett Paws in the Park
  • Still to Come – Gettysburg Summer School, PA Sled Dog Club, Bedford Rotary Club, Everett Paws in the Park
  • Will be presenting September, 2010, at an Iditarod Teacher’s Workshop in MI

Media coverage of the Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™ program is extensive throughout Alaska, Hawaii, the lower 48, and around the world.  A PDF document with samples from media and media links can be found by visiting this section of the website.

Documentation of Iditarod’s dedication to healthy sled dogs before, during, and after the race is included at this website link.

View a PowerPoint presentation that highlights some of the activities going on in schools that use Iditarod in their classrooms.