Vet Checks!

The teams got one step closer to the starting line yesterday as they completed their vet checks at Iditarod Headquarters, and of course the teachers at the conference were there for a front row seat!  I had the chance to take over the Skype Club for the day while Laura was off doing her official duties, but apparently I got a little overly excited and tried to post too many things with too little service, so here are the highlights from the day!

Here are a few other things I picked up on yesterday that you might find interesting:

  • The team that Hugh Neff had vet checked is his entire winning Yukon Quest – the exact same team. Wow. They have already proven themselves to be winners! We will have to see how that plays out in Iditarod!
  • Matt Failor has a heavy metal litter – Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, etc. They will make up the bulk of Matt’s team NEXT year!
  • The vets check teeth too!  It’s like one stop shopping. I heard of one dog that will be visiting the doggy dentist after the race to have a tooth possibly removed!
  • Keep an eye out for stories on Al Eischens’ IditaRider. It’s quite a story. Al is running in support of pediatric health issues. His young rider is about to have quite an adventure!
  • Rob Cooke’s team is just a beautiful collection of Siberian Huskies – a lot of them are all white! Just gorgeous.

That’s all from me! I’m turning things back over to Laura!

Mush on~