Photo of the Day – A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed


“Tip me for Willow fire!” read the hand-written note clipped to Barb Redington’s jacket at the Iditarod Volunteer Picnic today.  Barb has a big heart and a passionate dedication for the Iditarod and everyone involved from volunteers to mushers.  She is married to Raymie Redington, the son of Joe Redington Sr., the founder of The Last Great Race.  Barb was the 1977 Red Lantern champion in the Junior Iditarod, and now dedicates herself to the organization helping mentor the young athletes all year to prepare.  She and her husband offer sled dog rides at Iditarod headquarters 7 days a week, but today, their earnings were donated to the mushers who lost their homes in the Sockeye fire.