Video of the Day – Puppy Power

Puppies are the future for any kennel.  They require special nurturing and training from the day they are born to prepare them for the possibility of one day becoming a champion.  The teachers at the Iditarod Summer Camp had the opportunity to spend time with Vern Halter’s newest litter during our stay, and we enjoyed every minute of it.  Vern’s puppies were born three months ago and were given unique names in honor of Cindy Abbott’s Red Lantern year; a special tradition within the mushing community.  Early risers were lucky enough to enjoy a puppy walk through the Dream a Dream Dog Farm woodland trails, and it was fascinating for all of us to see the puppies already developing into a close-knit pack.  They chased each other along winding pathways surrounded by ferns and wildflowers, around trees, and over their gnarled roots with the instinct of exactly where to go.  They ran far ahead of the group of teachers, scampering past us all the way back home.  One morning, after chores, we were bound and determined to capture this puppy spectacle on video, so a small group of us waited anxiously by the puppy kennel for their return.  With Mickey, the family border collie and famed stick retriever as their guide, they emerged from the woods with yelps and howls.  We heard them coming before we saw them.  To our delight, they bypassed the food bowl to join us with lots of licks and love.  Yet another great reason for teachers to journey to Alaska for the Iditarod Teacher Summer Camp!

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