Pictures Tell a Story – Galena

Aliy Zirkle and a young fan

Aliy Zirkle and a young fan

One thing I really admire about Aliy Zirkle is she appreciates her fans. Aliy is taking her 24-hour break here in Galena. She has been in and out all day feeding, stretching, and caring for her dogs. She has also found some time to sleep a little. Additionally, Aliy found time to pose for a few pictures with some young fans. As tired as she is, she always displays a glowing smile and positive attitude. Aliy is a phenomenal role model for young kids.

Ideas for students:

If you could take a picture with any musher, who would it be? Why?

What do you think Aliy and the young boy are pointing at?

Tell a story about this picture from Aliy and the young boy’s point of view.