My Journey Begins

One year ago I began my dream journey.  I came to Alaska to the Iditarod summer teacher camp with a dream to be the 2015 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™.  Today my dream became a reality.  This morning, upon arrival at Iditarod Headquarters, I was introduced to several people who deal with the ins and outs of the race.  As I sit at this desk writing my first entry, it is really starting to sink in that I am beginning this journey.  All around headquarters I hear talking of Iditarod business in the background.  I see many Iditarod books.  I view countless pictures of sled dogs.  I watch Barb Redington talking with tourists outside.  I talk Iditarod with Raymie Redington.  Also, amusingly enough, I hear a chocolate lab named Jack snoring in the next room, obviously sleeping on the job. These sights and sounds are making me feel part of the Iditarod family.  I know this journey is only going to get better and more exciting.  I look forward taking this journey and bringing all of you with me.

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