Picture Perfect Spot

I found my perfect perch for taking photos of the end of the trail.  As much as I have enjoyed watching teams come into the chute – it’s a little crowded and hard to get good shots there.  The instant the musher is in the chute they are surrounded by well wishers and photographers and reporters and who knows who all those people really are.

But there’s something magical about being out on the edge of the sea ice watching the teams come in.  Watching them make the transition from the sea ice and the harshness of the trail to the city streets and the finish. It’s the last time the mushers will be alone with their dogs and the first time they can probably honestly believe it’s all finished.

And today it was really special… you could literally watch them come out of the mist and snow… it was pretty eerie and pretty magical….

Coming Through the Clouds

Coming Through the Clouds


And just for fun, here are my two favorite “in the chute” shots from today – Jason Mackey with a phone call home and one if his pups snoozing in the chute: