A Rookie No More!

Congratulations to Charley Bejina who made to Nome and earned his belt buckle on his second attempt!

After a long evening, and lots of tracker watching and refreshing because he seemed to be sitting still on the trail for quite awhile…. Charley made it to Nome on a picture perfect morning.  It snowed over night, they had actually been calling for a blizzard, so there were several inches of fresh snow on the ground and lots of fat flakes falling from the sky as he arrived under the arch!

About his stop on the way, Charley joked with reporters that his dogs knew they were getting close to the finish and they didn’t want it to end, so they camped out for awhile!

I can only imagine how sweet this accomplishment is after failing to make it last year. To make it through the challenges of this year is a major accomplishment!

Congratulations and welcome to Nome Charley!