Point of View

I have had the pleasure of working with about fifty-two classes via Skype.  I’ve chatted with them live, via Skype messenger and video message and of course through this blog to bring the race and the trail to life for them in a way that they can understand and appreciate.

One of the schools, Southborough Primary School in Kent, England has been really, really excited to learn about the race!  The first and second year students are following the race as a part of their study on arctic regions.  They are following Dallas Seavey, the Berringtons, and Newton Marshall in particular.  They were thrilled to discover that Dallas had won!

They have been writing journals from the point of view of the mushers and a couple of them shared them with me via Skype last night.  The time change between Alaska and England has been a doozy to overcome!  I had to call them at 1:00am to get them as they came into school in the morning!

Their journal entries got me thinking.  What WAS going through Dallas and Aily’s minds during that last section of the trail?  What did Aliy think when she arrived in Safety and realized Jeff wasn’t there?  What did they think and feel when the wind started?  What made Dallas keep going through Safety when others didn’t?  What was he thinking as he ran, pumped, and pushed his way to the finish line thinking he was in third place and then discovered he had won?  What did Aliy think as she pulled into Front Street and saw Dallas’ team already there?   It’s a wonderful “put yourself in their shoes” thought.

I’m sure as the week goes on and the mushers catch up on their sleep and have time to gather their thoughts more of the stories will emerge.  But in the meantime, here are what two British students thought was going through Dallas’ mind:

A Diary from Nome

Hey, I’m Dallas Seavey. Do you want to know what I’ve done and seen. Wow. Did you know I won the Iditarod. I’ve been through storms and woods. I’ve been overtaken lots of times. When I got to the finish line my huskies were getting tired so I jumped and pushed the sledge and I WON! Two minutes before Aliy Zirkle finished. Wow. I can’t believe it. Lots of people had to scratch. What an amazing Iditarod.

 By Thomas , Age 6

A Diary About the Finish Line

Hi. I am Dallas and I have won the race. It was a long journey to race from Anchorage to Nome. I saw Jen in the crowd and then I saw that Jen was surprised when I crossed the finish line. I get money and the last musher to cross the finish line gets a red lantern because it shows that  they tried and didn’t give up. I am so amazed that the husky dogs did so well. The crowd was clapping and cheering at me.

A List of  My Mushers Kit.

  1. Vet kit
  2. Sleeping bag
  3. Feeding bowls
  4. Tool box
  5. Cooker
  6. Dog booties
  7. Axe
  8. Extra warm clothes
  9. Gloves
  10. Snow shoes.

Olivia, Age 6