Jeff King is on His Way to Nome!

Jeff King looked chipper while packing up his sled and getting things together. He gave his lead dogs a lot of attention, encouragement, and words of wisdom before heading out.  “On your feet” were the words he used to get the team up and ready to go.  They didn’t listen too well the first few times, maybe the realized he wasn’t really quite ready to go yet, because finally he said it as he stepped on the sled and they sprung to their feet.  The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, the kids must have just gotten out of school, because there were a bunch of kids there just in time to see Jeff off.  He finally pulled out, and with a wave back at the crowd he was off to Nome!

Aily Zirkle is getting her teamed prepped to go.  Dallas Seavey will be the next.  Mitch Seavey has asked for a wakeup call ten minutes before Dallas heads out.  The cycle of teams in and out and in and out will continue here for the next several days!