“Who is Winning the Iditarod?”

This is the question that is on the minds of most of the kids who are writing me emails or sending me video messages!

The truth of the matter is that this is a really hard question to answer!  It’s always hard to tell for sure until everyone completes their twenty-four hour layover.  Some of the mushers who now seem to be in the back of the pack have already taken their 24 hour break so they will soon be catching up to or passing those mushers who have just started their layover! The 24 hour layover is also the place where the mushers make up for the start differential.  Remember, that the teams started every two minutes at the restart, so there was quite a bit of time between the first and the last musher! That will all be evened out during the long break!

If it seems like your favorite musher hasn’t left the checkpoint for awhile, it may be that they have declared their 24 hour break.  Takotna is traditionally a favorite place to stay for awhile…. they are famous for their pie!

Keep watching the race stats and keep an eye out for that green check under the 24 hour column!  That makes a huge difference in the “who is winning the race” question!