It’s Crunch Time!!

It’s getting to be crunch time and I am finalizing plans for my sub for the time that I am away on my amazing adventure! 

Here are some things that I am leaving for her to do that you may be able to use also!

Math:  The class will be rolling along with our Iditarod Math Unit, most of which I have shared with you in one form or another.  And more will be coming!  Once the race actually begins, they will be tracking their mushers, updating their charts, and moving their pin along the map during their warm – up time.  In the meantime, here are some of the quick activities that they will be using as math warm-ups:

Week 1:  Mental Math Challenges:  My guys love mental math challenges.  These test their mental math skills AND their Iditarod knowledge!  Iditarod Themed Mental Math Challenges

Week 2:  Create a Number Challenges:  Students will create number sentences to form Iditarod important numbers.  Create a Number Challenges

Reading:  My boys will be reading Mystery on the Iditarod Trail by Carole Marsh. I’m surprised to say that I’ve never actually taught this unit to my class!  I’ve been in Alaska for the Iditarod during this book for the last three years!  In any event, that’s why it’s pretty much a stand along unit!  It’s a third-fifth grade reading level, but others would enjoy it as well.  There is a national park tie in with Kenai Fjords National Park as the characters visit the park in the novel.  Challenge you kids to earn their Junior Ranger Badge from there as they read the book!!

 Mystery on the Trail – unit

sled directions

Writing Workshop:  The boys will be working on writing fables, specifically pourquoi stories, or stories that explain something.  Their mentor text will be Aurora, A Tale of the Northern Lights by Mindy Dwyer.  This book explains that the Northern Lights were formed when a girl named Aurora follows a caribou into the Land of Darkness, finding her courage, and creating the Northern Lights in the process.  They will also look at Northern Lights A to Z also by Mindy Dwyer to see some explanations for the Northern Lights from other cultures.

Of course, I anticipate they will spend the majority of their time sitting by the Skype phone waiting for me to call!