Tales from the Trail: Monica’s on the Road Again!

With all this crazy warm weather in Alaska, Monica, and many other mushers are traveling the state in search of snow.  Maybe they should think about turning their trucks south and heading in this direction!  Several races have been cancelled, including the T200 which Monica was planning to run.  It has really put a damper on the mushers’ preparations.  Not only on their training runs, but as Monica pointed out, if they are travelling hundreds of miles to find snow, they aren’t able to be at home leisurely preparing their drop bags!  Luckily for us, Monica took time out of her travels (she’s currently in Fairbanks) to give us an update of where she is with preparing the drop bags, planning her Iditarod strategy, and how she felt about her run in the Knik 200 a few weeks ago.  You can read our whole interview withe her here:  January Interview with Monica