Tales from the Trail: The Job of a Race Marshall

JR LogoAs you can imagine, it takes many, many people to plan, organize, support, and oversee a sled dog race.  One of the most important jobs is that of the Race Marshall.  We wanted to get a sense of what that means and what is entailed, so we went straight to the source and interviewed Lacey Hart who will be serving as the Race Marshall for the 2014 Junior Iditarod.

Lacey is also a musher and has competed in the Junior Iditarod among other races.  She told us that when she was in second grade, her teacher taught her class about the Iditarod and that is what inspired her to become interested in sled dogs and to eventually become a musher!

She shared some things about herself, her experience running the Junior Iditarod, and about her upcoming challenge as the Race Marshall.  We are looking forward to getting updates from her as we continue to rev up for the big day!  Lacey Jan Interview

Lacey has also written a book about her experiences as a Junior Musher. It’s a great read for anyone wanting to get more information and a sense of what it takes to accomplish something as extraordinary as finishing the Junior Iditarod:  Dog Girl

Lacey’s dad shared the story of how Lacey became interested in mushing:  Dad’s Story

The Race Marshall for the Iditarod is Mark Nordman. You can learn more about him here:  http://iditarodblogs.com/news/2011/03/25/race-marshall/