Tales from the Trail: Monica Update!

So we can finally break the big news!  Monica Zappa has a wonderful new sponsor…….

Introducing…. Petchup!

Yes, petchup…. As in ketchup (and mustard too) for your pets….

You can learn about Petchup here:  http://mypetchup.com/

Before we went on Winter Break, we checked in with Monica to get an update on her training. She reports that she is getting increasingly busy with traveling, Iditarod stuff, bad weather, trying to keep her house warm, training, making gear, and so on!  She thinks it is good practice for not getting sleep on the trail.

She did find time to update us though!  Click the link below to learn all about how her training is going, how the Iditarod Rookie meetings in Anchorage went, her sleds,  and of course, how the team is liking the new Petchup products!

Monica December Update