Tales from the Trail: Monica’s Fall Training

Kasilof’s average November high temperature is 31⁰F.

Kasilof’s average November low temperature is 15⁰F.

Today in Kasilof, a high of 45⁰F is expected.

What does that mean for fall dog sled training?

According to our favorite Iditarod rookie, Monica Zappa, that means MUD!  Lots and lots of mud!

My students recently interviewed Monica about how her fall training is going.  She reports that they are really, really, really hoping for some snow soon!  They are still training on the four wheeler and the dogs and mushers are covered in mud and muck when they return from their daily training runs.  They are running the dogs about ten miles a run.  They are training about thirty-six dogs who have hopes of making the Iditarod team.  Monica reports that the dogs definitely know something big is happening…. they are all putting their best effort forward and giving their all to try to make the team!

You can read the whole interview here:  Monica’s Fall Training Interview

Enjoy this video that Monica sent of her fall training:

For more information about Monica and her kennel you can click here:  http://osmarracingandtours.com/

It turns out rookie mushers aren’t the only ones dealing with no snow!  Here’s an interview Martin Buser gave about how he’s handling the lack of snow:  http://www.wwlp.com/weather/us-wx-news/snow-shortage-hits-mushers

Let’s all do a HUGE Alaskan Snow Dance – FAST!