A Word about Golovin

I’ve had some questions about my use of Golovin on the Homework Iditaopoly Gameboard.

No, it’s not technically a checkpoint.

Yes, I decided to include it on the gameboard. The simple reason why is because it appears on every single trail map that my kids use during our studies!

I did some more research, talked to some people, and here’s what I discovered.

Golovin isn’t a checkpoint anymore, although it used to be one.  It has a population of 148 people, one store,  and the checkpoint was located in the checker’s home!  It is only about 18 miles from Elim and 28 miles from White Mountain.  With the required eight hour rest in White Mountain, mushers pretty much just checked in and out of Golovin and kept on moving.  There was no need to pick up supplies in Golovin as they were headed to a long break in White Mountain.  At  some point they lost their official checker and mushers no long have to check into Golovin.

So, it probably would be best to not have the Golovin square be  checkpoint square to land on, but more a square to be passed through!

Here’s an updated version of the game board that reflects that change (if the students land on Golovin, they are directed to move right to White Mountain):  Iditaopoly Gameboard 2

Hope that helps!