At the Starting Line

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At the 2013 Restart

Today we are at the Starting Line for the Iditarod Summer Camp for Teachers.  I’m leaving the Grand View in Wasilla in a few minutes to head to downtown Anchorage to meet the teachers at the Wells Fargo Historical Museum for our first session.  Being at the starting line for camp makes me naturally think of another starting line… the restart line on Willow Lake.

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Willow Lake in March

Now, I knew in my head that the starting line was on Willow Lake.  I’ve been there.  I’ve handled dogs for the restart there.  I’ve watched teams head off on their journey to Nome from there.  I have taken hundreds of pictures standing on that “lake.”

I didn’t realize that Willow Lake was really a lake until yesterday.  Yes, yes,  I know.  I’ve been told that it is a frozen lake. But honestly, that doesn’t mean anything to a girl from Baltimore.  We don’t have large bodies of water that freeze up like that at home.

I may be a little more hesitant to step out onto that lake next winter…. told you there was stuff under all of those piles of snow!

Willow Lake in June

Willow Lake in June