DSC_3022I lost my lead (for those of you who are tracking me on GPS) and flew back down the trail to Nikolai.  The pilots of the Iditarod Air Force have been wonderful flying me across the beautiful state of Alaska.  With pilot Danny, I was able to see the Iditarod Trail from the air and for an added treat, was able to see John Baker on his way to Nikolai.  We landed and walked to the checkpoint where John Baker was just coming in.DSC_3033

It’s getting busy here as vets are checking dogs who are bedded down during the warm, sunny day.  Mushers are checking over their gear and walking to the school for a bite to eat and a quick nap.  The 7 students who attend the DSC_3108school here are cross country skiing down to the river through the checkpoint.  Aaron Burmeister was the first out of this checkpoint leaving at 12:25 pm on his way to McGrath 48 miles away.

It’s turning out to be an interesting race with strategy discussions all around me.  3 days in is still too early to determine a winner.  We’ll have to wait and see further down the Iditarod Trail.

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