Triangle Poem

A Triangle Poem is a quick, easy poem students of any age can do.  The first line of the poem states the subject and an action.  Line two describes the action and the third line tellsDSC_1393 where the action takes place.  Ava’s poem in the picture is about the dogs on the Iditarod trail, while Gabe’s poem in the video is about the mushers.  Any topic can be used.  The third grade sentences are fairly simple, but older students can add more detail.  Have fun with the poem!  Triangle Poem

On another note, WBAY Channel 2 out of Green Bay, Wisconsin recently visited my classroom for an interview.  Here is the link to the piece they put together. 

My students were so excited.  One of them said, “I was so nervous I was sweating the whole time.”  Students in my class were quiet and cooperative while the reporter and cameraman were in the room.  Thanks students and thanks WBAY!