Getting Ready

DSC_1400I said good-bye to my trail sleeping bag, bed roll, boots and a few other items as I sent them ahead to Alaska.  They are on their way to Anchorage where I will be meeting up with them in less than 2 weeks.  LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!

The sleeping bag is covered with patches from all the past teachers who pavedDSC_1189 the way for me and future teachers to experience the Iditarod first-hand.  This Wisconsin patch that was designed by my niece, Madeline, joins the patches of teachers from all over the United States:  DSC_1191Indiana, South Dakota, Florida, Arizona, Minnesota and even another Wisconsinite to name a few.  I am proud to have my name join their ranks.

My patch is a celebration of the Iditarod Air Force and all the volunteer pilots who help make the race possible.    I look forward to flying with them on the ultimate volunteer position – Teacher on the Trail.  Sleeping bag – I’ll see you in a few weeks!