4 Forces of Flight

DSC_0768I’m looking forward to so many things with my upcoming adventure:  Talking with mushers, presenting to schools in Alaska, seeing the dogs and on and on.  Another top thing on my list is flying with the Iditarod Air Force.  In a previous blog, I shared a simple lesson on surface area.  Attached here are a few more lessons covering the 4 forces of flight – lift, weight, thrust and drag.  Students made the discovery that Dogsleds use 3 of the 4 forces while racing – see if your students can also figure it out :-).

DSC_0769Once again, you can get as complicated as you want with the lessons depending on how how deep you want to go in the classroom with your students.  Using flight in the classroom, like the Iditarod, is a great motivator.  Enjoy!

Parachutes & Drag

Wing Shape & Lift

Air Pressure & Lift

Illuminations Rescue Mission Game

Illuminations Rescue Mission Game.2

Illuminations Rescue Mission Game.3