What’s Up With the Weather?

I was looking for results for the Top Of The World 350 – Lance Mackey won by the way – and came across an article from the Alaska Dispatch about the Knik 200 being cancelled due to weather.  http://www.alaskadispatch.com/article/knik-200-becomes-latest-sled-dog-race-bite-dust

mushOur friend, Angie Taggart, has been training with a sled instead of a 4-wheeler so I thought the snow was fine.  Apparently it has still been unseasonably warm in some areas and they are trying to work around melting, mushy snow.


My class has been tracking the weather in Nome, but I guess it’s time to track in other places and make comparisons.

Last year my students compared the weather in Anchorage with the weather in Waupaca.  Attached is a lesson plan for comparing temperature, as well as a short video of some of the results from their comparisons last year.  Let it snow!!

What’s The Temperature