Leaving The Kennel

Saying good-bye to Vern Halter’s Dream A Dream Dog Kennel was tough.  Dogs, puppies, morning walks through the woods, teachers collaborating – things I love. Before we left,  Vern gave us a challenge to team up and create an Iditarod race plan.  Hmmm . . . we scratched our heads, but worked together to come up with a plan that may just get us down the trail – if we had dogs, sled, gear, $30,000, etc.  After presenting our dog plans we were sent out to the dog yard for a true musher challenge.  All 5 of us had to harness and bootie a dog, then take off the harness and booties so the next person could work.  Good old “Wing”.  She was so patient with 5 rookie mushers trying to harness and bootie her, and not get the reward of pulling a sled when we were done.

After cleaning up and taking many more pictures, we had to drive away.  The kennel was a memorable way to begin our 2012 Summer Workshop for Teachers.  25 teachers (including staff) came together strangers and left as friends.  I’m looking forward to the rest of camp and the challenges, the collaboration and the friendship that it offers.

Good-bye puppies 😦