Imagine what it would be like to wake up in the morning and it is -20 degrees and there is no running water.  The town of Ruby, pop. 190, does have running water in some places, but not in most and not in the public buildings.  So my friend, Billy, who has many essential jobs puts empty tanks in the sled behind the snow-machine and we make the trip up the hill to the Washeteria and fill them for a quarter per about two gallons, then back down the hill to distribute to community center and dorms, etc.  It took about three trips until Billy figured we were all set for the night.

I wandered through the dog lot this morning taking pictures of sleeping dogs and ran into Scott Janssen looking for someone from the Ruby school.  He had made a promise last year at the banquet to give back to the communities that give so much for this race to go on and he was making good.  His company was making a donation to each school along the route, and he wanted to make it personally, if possible, to thank people himself.  He had little difficulty finding someone in the checkpoint because they are always busy bringing stew and soups and goodies.  This morning was especially good with hard boiled eggs, sausage patties and pancakes.

Eating my way down the trail.