McGrath Checkpoint Early Morning

Mc Grath is a humming place, especially since so many of the mushers have decided to spend their 24 hour rest here.  I am finally on the trail and loving every minute.  It is all I can do to listen to every conversation I can and the common theme throughout is that the trail is good, it was an easy run, but a bit too hot for the dogs.  The Steppes which were put back in at the last minute, because the alternative was worse were apparently the best they had ever been.

I was promised Northern Lights tonight, but then it snowed so it was a no go.  I am not giving up the search though.  It is one of my top three things to see.

The McGrath Checkpoint is a relatively big place and Comms is a busy place.  The food is plenty and varied and all very good.

As I wandered around earlier and checked out the dog teams I realized that I couldn’t decide which I liked best – watching the commradary of workers or the beauty of the dogs.  The volunteers here come from far and wide, but every year come together to share this moment of contribution to the sport they love.

Well off to see what the trails has in store for me today,