Dropped Dogs Are Priority One

Dropped dogs in the Iditarod are priority one.  From the time a vet or musher has decided for whatever reason that a dog should be dropped he has the ultimate in personal attention.  Dropped dogs have priority on the first planes out of a checkpoint leaving volunteers, mushers or any other staff to wait for the next plane.  When they arrive in Anchorage they have volunteers and a vet waiting for them with warm food and a bed of straw.  When it was decided that they would be dropped their kennels were called so that they could begin the journey to the Millennium to pick them up.

If for some reason the kennel is unable to pick them up that night they are sent to the women’s prison where again they get priority one personal attention.  No dog is left alone in the dropped dogs lot ever and never over night.  This is for the safety of the dogs and volunteers alike.

Keep in mind the Iditarod is all about the dogs and we take care of our most treasured friends.

Right now I am finally in the air again.  This time on a Pennair flight to Unalakleet, then off to McGrath by probably mid afternoon.  It feels really good to be on the trail again.  Here’s to it staying that way.