The Hub

The Iditarod Trail operates out of a number of hub points.  These are points at which supplies can be exchanged, flights routed, etc.  Anchorage, of course, is the biggest one and where I am today. McGrath and Unalakleet are two more of the hubs and, of course, Nome.  I am waiting on a flight to take me to Unalakleet and on to McGrath tomorrow.  Dogs and supplies have priorities on these flights as it should be because they ARE the race, but I am still anxious to get back out there.

Since I am here, I decided to have a more thorough look around at the workings of the race from this point of view.  I started upstairs in Comms, Race Stats and Logistics.  These three pieces are critical to the smooth and safe running of the race.  All movement of people, dogs and supplies is managed and recorded here.  If a musher arrives at a checkpoint, if a dog is dropped, if a flight goes out are all items that are recorded in one and often all of these three centers.  Now I know why and what happens when I arrive at a checkpoint and I have been told to immediately  ”check in with Comms and ask to be put on their evening report.”

Though most of the work is done on computers it is gratifying to see that we haven’t lost the personal handwritten postings along the way.  The Leader Board is in the main lobby of the Millennium Hotel and is often the center of attention.

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Still reporting, but longing to get back on the trail,