Mush with a Smile

VERY early morning start.  It is the restart out in Willow and somebody has to be the first one there and I rode with one of the first and that means leaving Anchorage at 3:30 AM.  A short nap on the floor near the library, then up and stashed all my gear behind the stage and now I am ready to hit the trail.  I am all packed, but I think it will be awhile waiting for that MOMENT.

Meanwhile I ran down to the lake to take some pictures.  I’m sorry, I really didn’t run, I can’t, in these arctic boots.  Diane keeps telling me that by the time I get to Nome they will seem completely natural.  We’ll see.

Since I was here early I did get a chance to meet up with Wade again and he had THE hat on.  What hat?  The one that Wade had on the other day when I first met him.  It is a blue ball cap that says “Mush with a Smile.”  He is a friend of the Redingtons and one day while helping them clean out a shed he found the hat and liked it.  He was told that it was one of Joe’s and he could have it.  I guess Joe is famous for being a collector of all sorts of things.  Wade is wearing hat this morning so I have a feeling it may have special place for him.

Mush with a Smile Wade!

Almost on the trail and very ready,