Back in Alaska

Thought I should check in with you all so you can get your warm socks ready.  It seems like it has been a long time, but really just a few short months since I was here last.  It has been a real transformation though, emotionally, technically and socially just to name a few.  These have been growing months and there is only more to come.

It will all fit somewhere, right?

I know I brought too much.  Don’t we usually, but do you leave?  Well, I have been doing some more sorting as I am getting temporarily settled and have made a few more decisions.  I think packing and repacking are going to become familiar.

After all that packing I needed some fresh air and it is really pretty nice outside today.  Didn’t even need a coat.  I have been looking at all the planes around Lake Hood, some I think were here two years ago.  Anyway, I have been contemplating the amount of travel I will be doing in them and figure they deserve a drawing or two so I took a couple pictures for models.  It is going to be that perspective thing all over again, in more ways than one.

Rookie is the only dog here I have seen so far, except the stuffed kind so I am anxious to get out to see some kennels tomorrow.

Let’s see where the trail takes us,