Pencil Point “Again”

If there is one thing I have truly learned this year, and really it has only just begun as the best part is about to start,  is that echo I hear from Jon Van Zyle “do it again” or on the same note I hear in brother’s energetic proclamations “If at first you don’t succeed . . .”

The goal is always to produce better results, to keep working and focusing on the process and if we improve the process the product will always be better.  As teachers the raw material we start with is relatively the same each year; a first grader in September is a first grader in September.  My blank sheet of paper looks at me expectantly again.  I know what I drew last time.  I know what I thought I did well and I want to do that again.  I also know that some of my efforts didn’t turn out the way I envisioned. By studying what I did, I can adjust my process for better results. This is what we, as teachers, do year to year.  It is what we were taught to do and we do it.

I drew a particular dog for a friend of mine the other day.  And the first few tries were just not up to snuff, so I got a breath of fresh air and tried again.  I think I did better, but I still see things I want to work on.  So for this post I share with you the progress I have made with Rookie this year and the progress I made with Annui last week and commend you all for the work you do everyday to improve what you do.

The oak tree is still very illusive and may be the work that takes me into very old age, so I am still on the trail (and joyfully probably will be for life) with Rookie.