Pencil Point, the next step

I have been working with Jon and Jona Van Zyle in my quest to be a better artist.  As such, I have been sending sketches of what I have planned for this year’s T shirt.  Jona had some great suggestions for me, but my immediate reaction was “I can’t do that.” I was scared to try it because I thought I might not be able to pull it off very well.  I was sunk before I started.

My motto was creeping up the back of my neck ready to give me a good whack when I remembered what this journey is all about.  “Challenge Yourself,” Blynne!  The suggestions were indeed good ones.  She encouraged me into a more complex expression of my idea, and made me reach a bit further or dig a bit deeper into myself to accomplish it.

Challenging yourself is a little scary sometimes, but it is only by taking another step out onto that limb that you are able to reach the fruit that is so satisfying.

Look below to see what kind of progress I’m making with my oak tree and a sneak peak at my ideas for the Winter Conference T shirt.

A big thanks to all those people that expect more from me!


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