The Picnic

Today was the day for mushers to come to Iditarod Headquarters to sign up for the 2012 race.  Not all of the contestants come to the Musher Picnic to sign up, some sign up on line, but if they do each has a chance to win one of two free registrations for the race.  That is a $3,000.o00 value.

That can buy quite a bit of dog food!!!

The picnic is also an opportunity for volunteers and fans alike to get to know many of their favorite mushers.  Autographs were free and abundant and so were well wishes.  It seems like a year since we have seen everyone, but it has only been a few months.

The “surprise” of the day was the return to the race of Jeff King who had announced his retirement in 2010.

Lance Mackey pulled 13th to pull his bib number at the Musher’s Banquet in March.  That number has always seemed to play a big part in the Mackey family.

Kelly Griffin and Martin Buser won the refunds of their entry fees.

Quite literally, a wonderful time was had by all.  A long, tiring and wonderful day!