Living a Dream

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It was with a great deal of sadness that the campers packed up and left Dream a Dream Dog Farm today.  We really had the time of our lives.  We went from beginners to advanced beginners at harnessing and booting dogs sled dogs and they (the dogs) were so patient with us.

We shared lessons and carrot cake and late night discussions.  We really bonded as a group.  We saw and tried to experience the day to day work of a kennel.  We listened to amazing stories from the trail and tried to understand all the plans a musher has to make on the trail to bring the dogs to Nome safely and happily.

We named a litter of five two-week-old puppies after tools of the classroom, so we can all wait for those youngsters to show up on an Iditarod team.  We learned about checkpoints and brought home many awesome souvenirs.  Most of all we will miss Vern Halter who treated each of us like we were special and shared with us his passion.