What Can I Say?

stuck in the mud

So . . . we rode on the Ranger behind the dog team again today and what a blast! Ducking branches, gasping in awe of these dogs’ power and enthusiasm, snapping pictures as quickly as I could and then . . . WE GET STUCK.

I have to admit I was very surprised we never got stuck before as we rode through the mud bogs and what looked like small lakes on the trail, but this time we were stuck.  Vern tried reverse, then forward a couple times then just turned to us and said, “Get out,” which we all did on command.  We are well trained and not afraid to get dirty.

Vern put it in reverse, we pulled.  He put it in drive, we pushed.  Three of us on the high side, I was in the middle.  We went through this routine two or three times and we were still stuck.  We tried once more and not expecting to be successful this time and I pushed with all my might.  This time it took, and as the Ranger moved forward I lost all the support I had and slowly fell into foot deep mud.  It was soft and cool and very, very messy!  Oh well, sometimes you land softly and are grateful.

The Ranger Savers

Another wonderful day – Blynne