Dream a Dream

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There is so much to talk about today as it was so jam packed with information, inspiration and just plain fun, but right now my mind is resting so peacefully on our morning walk that I want to share that with you now.

What a way to start a day.  We took the 8 month old litter named for boats, everything from Barge to Kayak, for a morning walk.  They were just as different as their names.  We walked about a mile with them, but I’m sure they did three or four times the distance we did.  The joy in their play was utterly contagious.  The beauty of Alaska was all around us.

Far from being hardened athletes these dogs possess the joy of life and the power of their young bodies.  They ran around and around us, teasing each other, exploring their beautiful surroundings, but never far away.  It was as though they were playing tag with each other and us at the same time.  At times they played tug of war with a treasure found in the forest and other times they rounded us up to make sure we all stayed together.  When we got back to the dog yard, the pups found their houses and were easily hooked up again.

What a life and what a way to start a day.

I have more observations and teachery things to share with you from this morning, but they will have to wait til we have breathed in this beautiful moment.