GPS Tracker, Hugh Neff First to the Yukon 3.11.11

Temperature in Anvik 3.11.11, 21°F, winds 5 mph. Search for the formula to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius to calculate the temperature.

All the mushers have a GPS tracker strapped to the front of their sled or inside their sled bag. Slightly angled on the sled, these trackers update automatically every fifteen minutes or so. When you follow the mushers on the Iditarod Tracker, you can see their location by latitude and longitude and where they are on the trail. Miles per hour is given, too.

The tracker I carry is exactly like the one the mushers have on their sleds. It weighs about 2 pounds, and I’ve wedged it in my backpack’s side pocket. When I’m flying, you can compare the miles per hour I’m traveling to the miles per hour of the teams. You can locate my latitude and longitude on a map. At different checkpoints, people tell me they use my tracker position as a point of reference to make it quick to read the list of mushers and their positions. My nickname is “the TOT” or “the teacher”. So, people look at the tracker list and say, “Here’s the TOT. Where’s Hugh Neff right now?”

Can you compare the latitude and longitude of Anchorage and Grayling?

Hugh Neff earned his first race award today when he arrived in Anvik first. The First Musher to the Yukon award is presented by the Millennium hotel. The chef from the hotel flew to Anvik and cooked a fancy meal for Hugh to eat. Hugh also won $3500 in cash. After taking his 8 hour layover (mushers have to take an 8 hour layover somewhere on the Yukon River), Hugh left for Grayling, the next checkpoint. Look at the GPS tracker to see where Hugh is now.