A Hodge-podge of Checkpoints, Ambling & Alacrity 3.9.11

What’s a hodge-podge? Can you figure out what it means by looking at these different photos? You’ll see photos of students, teachers, mushers, dogs, and sleds. When you think you’ve made a good guess at what hodge-podge means, ascertain its meaning by checking a dictionary.

Think about this: You know I have a GPS tracker in my backpack like the 2 pound trackers that are strapped to the front of the sleds. Like them, you can see where I am and when I am moving on the Iditarod Tracker on http://www.iditarod.com. A vet told me this afternoon they knew when I started walking from McGrath checkpoint to logistics based at the airport because my speed was 2.9 miles per hour, a walking speed. She told me that I was ambling to logistics, and I agreed with her, because if I walk with alacrity, I get hot and sweaty. Getting hot and sweaty in cold weather is not good, because then the sweat cools and your body gets cold. What do ambling and alacrity mean?