What to Wear in Alaska

THE box arrived a week ago. THE box I’ve been waiting for contains an anorak, arctic boot and a mukluk to try on for size. Target® provides my anorak and arctic boots, and now is the time to get the right sizes ordered. Terrie Hanke, the 2006 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™, sent me her gear to try on. My gear will be similar to hers. I’m also having fun finding plunge mitts with a leash to keep these North Carolina hands warm. (Explore the Internet and search for plunge mitts to see what those are.)

 People ask, “Don’t you get cold?”, but dressing in layers of the right gear helps prevent getting cold. Layers of long johns, fleece, insulated snow pants, a down coat under the anorak plus mitts with liners and a hat all work to keep me comfortable. The technology applied to fabrics and materials to meet the challenge of cold temperatures while making it possible to move easily in the gear is amazing.

 Students at my school watched this video on the TV announcements, and my sixth graders were amazed at the size and lightness of the boot. So was I! Quite a few of my students hunt, or their family members hunt, so they are familiar with dressing for the cold, and enjoyed their hands on experience with this gear.