Taking Care of the Iditarod Dogs, Writing, and Sequencing

Buddies at the 2010 vet check

The dogs of the Iditarod are athletes and get the kind of training and health care human professional athletes get. Volunteer vets man the race’s checkpoints to examine teams as they arrive throughout the race. These dogs have been cleared physically by a pre-race exam which includes bloodwork, EKG, and a physical exam. This article, Caring for Dogs of the Iditarod, details the care they receive before and during the race.

Three days before the race start, there is a final vet check opportunity at the Iditarod Headquarters in Wasilla, AK. All the dogs here have already cleared their labwork and EKG and receive the final physical exam on that day. Fans enjoy watching the vets and dogs, meeting mushers in person, taking photos, and interacting with the dogs.

This lesson about sequencing is written for first grade. It includes pictures from the 2010 final vet check for students to use in sequencing and writing a book. The article above gives teachers background information to familiarize them with healthcare for the dogs.

Not a primary grade teacher? Here are some more ideas for upper grades, including high school, for you.

1) Make an Iditarod Trail game using this cube pattern. Put photos of the vet exam on cube faces. Number each photo. Use a trail map and advance a sled dog playing piece (or colored button or coin) along the trail’s checkpoints based on the roll of the cube.

2) Write a description of the vet check exam from the dog’s point of view.

3) Research physical exams for people and dogs. Compare and contrast these exams in a formal paper. Cite sources.

Mushing on,