Bookmarks and Activities for Students and Teachers

Use the bookmark for your classes. They can be rewards for students who achieve reading goals, everyone can have one for themselves, or use them for end of the year gifts for your students. Print them on card stock so they will stand up to use.  I printed bookmarks on my school’s color printer. The pictures on the bookmarks are from the 2009 Iditarod. Find Iditarod math bookmarks here. Change the math problems to suit your class. Here’s some help for you with that math. Grades 4-6 and Grades K-3

Earlier in August I posted a Scavenger Hunt lesson with a summary and evaluation exercise, combining a physical education lesson with English/language arts. Here is a modification for the summary activity, and here is an example of the activity without modification.

You can keep up with the Iditarod Trail Committee now on Facebook. Here’s the address—

Remember to visit the For Teachers section of for messages posted by Diane Johnson of the Iditarod Education Department.

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