Hatcher Pass & Musher Signup for 2011 Race

The Little Su, as it's nicknamed, in Hatcher Pass

 Before going to the musher picnic and signup for the 2011 race, I had the chance to go on the Hatcher Pass road. This road leads to the Independence Gold Mine which is closed, but you can visit it. The day was overcast and we ended up driving through the clouds, but it was beautiful. The Little Susitna river is glacier fed, so the water has a green/blue cast to it.    

At the picnic, mushers paid their race entry fees, turned in paperwork, and race fans had a chance to get autographs and photos of the mushers. Bob Story of New Zealand is a rookie training with veteran musher Vern Halter. A rookie is a person who hasn’t finished the Iditarod. Bob will have several long distance races under his belt by the time Iditarod 2011 begins in March. 

Bob Story, rookie, pays the race entry fee.

Check the photos for a few other mushers who signed up for the 2011 race. I’ll be seeing them on the trail! 

Kristie Berington, veteran, & Angie Taggart, 2nd grade teacher and rookie, sign up.





Paul Gebhardt signs for a fan.


Hugh Neff worked with the Alaska NEA to promote reading in the 2010 race.