Tales from the Trail: More Monica!

“Did you hear from Monica?”

“Did you tell Monica about our plan yet?”

“Did she see our video yet?”

“Does Monica have snow yet?”

It seems like a day doesn’t go by without someone in my class asking about Monica.  (The Brady Bunch episode where the other two sisters complain about “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” goes through my head at least once a day.  “Monica, Monica, Monica.”  Only no one in my room gets it but me!)

My students have taken their task to introduce the world to Monica Zappa and keep everyone up to date on her progress very seriously!

Our first task was to come up with a list of interview questions to prepare for her.  The boys brainstormed in teams things they would like to know and then we whittled the list down to sixteen questions. The boys each wrote out a question on a card, and we create a movie trailer to send her.  You can see the trailer here:

Monica did an amazing job responding to the kids!  Her response is here:  Monica Q & A

I hope you and your students enjoy getting to know Monica a bit better!

As for her training, she reports there is no snow yet….  but with reports of a foot of snow in Denali,  it can’t be too far away.

We will check in with her again in a few weeks to see how things are going!

The Iditarod Games

What a sendoff!  The teachers, administrators, support staff, and students kicked it into high gear as they sent me on my way to Alaska.  To begin the day, I saw all staff in T-Shirts with my picture on it.  It was overwhelming.

At the end of the school day there was a Pep Rally, aka, The Iditarod Games.  To start the games, they all surprised me by singing Hobo Jim’s “The Iditarod Trail Song”.  600 voices singing the trail song . . . awesome.  Next came the games.  Each grade level developed a game and chose students to participate.  They were simple, quick, and a lot of fun.  View the video to see what we did and how it was done.  Try this at your school to ignite your student’s enthusiasm for the 2013 race.

The school year up to this point has been preparing me – and my students – for the day I would leave for Alaska as the 2013 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail.  With the help of a wonderful class and fantastic staff, I’m ready.  Signing off from Wisconsin – next stop, Anchorage!